Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions supersede and replace any previous Terms and Conditions published by Bruce Fine Papers, either verbally or in writing.



Bruce Fine Papers (The Seller) will supply Goods and/or Services to The Client subject to these Term and Conditions, to the exclusion of any other Terms and Conditions, except where any variation of these Terms and Conditions has been agreed in writing with the client prior to a contract being entered into. If no such variations are agreed, then these Terms and Conditions will form the basis of any contract between the Seller and the Client.



These Terms and Conditions are made subject to English Law, and they, and any contract consequent on them, shall be Interpreted under English Law, and shall be subject to the jurisdiction of English courts only.



i) Any quotation given by the Seller shall be considered an Offer to Treat, and no contract between the Seller and the Client shall be deemed to have been formed until the Client has made on Offer to Buy, either verbally or In writing, and the Seller has accepted such offer.

ii) Any quotation given by the Seller to the Client is applicable to that Client only, and shall be firm for a period of Thirty Days from the date of the quotation, or from the date of any Proposal containing the quotation, unless specifically stated otherwise by the Seller In writing.

iii) Notwithstanding clause 3(ii) above, should there be a material price change Imposed by the manufacturer or the Sellers suppliers between the date of any quotation and the placing of an order by the client, the Seller shall have the right to increase the price of the goods ordered accordingly. However, the client will be notified of such price Increase and shall be given reasonable opportunity to cancel the order, if they so wish, at no cost to themselves, or to accept the revised price.



i) The placing of an order by the Client either verbally or in writing, and the acceptance of such order by the Seller, shall constitute a contract between the Client and the Seller, such contract to be legally binding and to include these Terms and Conditions, except where variations to these Terms and Conditions have been previously agreed in writing by the Seller.

ii) It any order placed by the Client and accepted by the Seller is subsequently cancelled by the Client prior to delivery of the goods or rendering of the services, except as detailed in clause3(iii), then the Client shall be liable to accept delivery of such goods as have been obtained on their behalf, and to pay the agreed price for those goods, or, to pay a sum to be determined to compensate the Seller for any expense or loss incurred and relating to that order.

iii) Any subcontractors costs arising from the hanging of goods subsequently deemed to be unfit by the client are not the responsibility of Bruce Fine Papers and no such claims will be entertained.

iiii) Any claims for goods hung by subcontractors other than those approved by Bruce Fine Papers will not be considered (A list off approved subcontractors is available on request)

iiiii) No claims for faulty goods will be honoured after the goods have been cut or hung.



i).Any description of goods and data regarding goods given by the Seller to the Client is based on descriptions and data provided by the manufacturer of such goods or by the Sellers suppliers, and shall not be considered an absolute description of the goods or a verified representation of data. Although the Seller will make every effort to ensure that goods delivered are in accordance with any description or data provided, the Seller will have no liability where a manufacturer or supplier has made changes to the goods without providing prior notice, or where the description or data provided by the manufacturer or supplier is erroneous or inaccurate.



i) The Seller will make every effort to deliver goods to the Client on an agreed date, but such delivery date shall NOT be the essence of any contract.

ii) The Seller shall have no responsibility or liability to direct or consequential loss, or any other consequences of late delivery of goods where such late delivery is the result of none availability from the manufacturer or the Sellers supplier, or the result of industrial dispute, or any other circumstances outside the Sellers direct control.

iii) Any shortage in delivery or any defect in goods delivered must be notified to the Seller in writing within 7 days of delivery.



i) All orders for goods must be paid In full at the time of ordering, A Pro Forma Invoice will be provided at the Clients request, and the full VAT invoice will be presented on delivery.

ii) Orders for consultancy or Artwork will be Invoiced at the end of the month in which the work is carried out, and payment in full will be due within one calendar month of the invoice date.

iii) All orders for blocks and stripe tooling shall be paid for in advance and no arrangements for the manufacture of such goods will be undertaken until full payment is received.

iiii) Late payment will result in Interest of 2% of the Invoiced value per calendar month being added to the Invoice price and the Client shall be liable to pay such Interest in addition to the invoice price.

iv) These payment terms shall be the essence of any contract between the Seller and the Client.



1) Notwithstanding any other clause in these Terms and Conditions, Ownership of any goods delivered to the Client will not pass to the Client until payment in full has been received by the Sellers bankers.

ii) Should the Client sell on any goods delivered, then any monies resulting from such sale shall be held In trust for the Seller until such time as the client shall have paid the Seller in full for those goods.

iii)All blockprinting and stripe manufacturing tooling shall remain at the premises of Bruce Fine Papers and at no time will be available for use by any party other than Bruce Fine Papers.

iiii) In the event of none payment for goods, or if payment for goods shall become more than 30 days overdue, the Seller shall have the right of entry to the Clients premises to recover such goods.



i) The Seller may, at his sole discretion, waive any of his rights under these Terms and conditions. Any such waiver of any term or condition shall not be construed as an ongoing waiver of that term or condition, or as a waiver of any other term or condition. E & OE.



Orders for Products may not be cancelled or suspended without Bruce Fine Papers prior written consent Any cancellation or suspension of an order with Bruce Fine Papers does not agree to shall    be on the condition that the Buyer shall indemnify Bruce Fine Papers against any loss incurred wholly or in part by the cancellation or suspension.



No Goods are supplied on a sale or return basis. There should be no liability on Bruce Fine Papers to accept returned Goods. Any Goods returned by a Buyer or anybody acting on his behalf will remain the risk of the Buyer and Bruce Fine Papers for the avoidance of doubt confirms that no liability of any description is accepted in respect of returned Goods.


  • This is high quality wallpaper that should only be hung by a qualified and experienced decorator.  This wallpaper is not vinyl-coated. It is fragile when wet and extra care should be taken during the hanging process 
  • Before hanging check that rolls are undamaged.  
  • Before hanging wallpaper inspect the wallcovering for defects and shading. 
  • Ensure the walls are correctly prepared. 
  • For absorbent surfaces use a recommended primer sealer, always following the manufacturers instructions. 
  • Lining paper should always be hung horizontally using a recommended adhesive and allowed to dry completely. 
  • Apply paste evenly to the paper, paying particular attention that the edges are fully pasted. 
  • Allow to soak for 4-5 minutes for the paper to become supple. Take care not to crease the paper when folding. 
  • Do not over soak as the water content in paste can deteriorate the paper fibre under even the slightest pressure. For this reason do not paste more than one cut length at a time. 
  • Match the pattern at eye level and use a spirit level and faint pencil line to ensure the wallpaper is vertical. 
  • Check which way up the design is before hanging. 
  • Do not allow paste to contaminate the printed surface as the pattern may lift when wiped whilst wet.  
  • If paste does come into contact with the surface of the paper immediately remove it by gently and carefully wiping with a clean, damp sponge. Do not use soap or other cleaners.  
  • Joins should be tightly butted and never overlap. 
  • Dark coloured wallpaper may need the edges coloured with a slightly lighter shade of chalk or pastel to prevent white edges showing. 
  • Where wallpaper rolls are numbered the hanging should be done in sequence.